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Company News

Landscape Upgrades with AVPM

AVPM has been investing in landscape upgrades throughout all 23 properties. Landscape upgrades helps bring […]

Living with pets in an Apartment

Do you have a new pet, or did you just move into your apartment? Below […]

Keep your apartment organized with some small tips from AVPM

Keeping an apartment organized is not a simple task, but an organized apartment is a […]

Why is it important for you to change your filters every six weeks?

Fall, Winter, Spring, and Summer – help keep your HVAC working at its best: Every […]

Water Saving Program with AVPM Corp.

AVPM Corp. is going green and has implemented a water saving program to help you […]

AVPM is upgrading to commercial playgrounds

AVPM Corp. is installing a new playground at numerous properties. After much research, we have […]

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