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Landscape Upgrades with AVPM

AVPM has been investing in landscape upgrades throughout all 23 properties. Landscape upgrades helps bring you a nicer outdoors to enjoy coming home from work, walking your pets, watching your children run and play, or simply enjoy your surroundings from windows, balconies, or breezeways.

Retaining Walls
As retaining walls made of railroad ties become damaged, AVPM has been installing strong, beautiful stone retaining walls. Stone retaining walls bring durability, and are more esthetically pleasing.

Tree Trimming and Planting Grass: AVPM is going Green!

You may have noticed our chipper machines, maintenance staff in trees, and new mulch throughout our properties. AVPM has been trimming trees for numerous reasons. Trimming the tree canopies allows for the sun to shine through the trees and enabling grass to grow. Once the trees are trimmed, our maintenance staff has been installing fresh new Bermuda grass to enhance your living experience on your property. Enjoy going out for a stroll, walking your dog, playing a game of football, and simply enjoying the beautiful property you live on. Another cause for tree trimming is to eliminate dead branches and limbs to ensure that the tree continues to stay healthy and avoid dead branches falling during storms.

Sidewalk Repair
Cracks throughout the sidewalks present a trip hazard. AVPM looks for any trip hazards throughout the walkways, walking paths, and parking lot curbs to fix immediately. Keeping you safe is our priority, as well as having your walking paths be presentable and pleasant to walk on.

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