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Why is it important for you to change your filters every six weeks?

Fall, Winter, Spring, and Summer – help keep your HVAC working at its best:

Every apartment has its own HVAC system and it is up to you to help keep your system working properly. AVPM sends out a maintenance tech twice a year, before winter and before summer to clean your HVAC System both inside and out and to replace your HVAC filter. We encourage our residents to change their filters every six weeks. Each management office has filters on hand for you to pick up and replace. By writing the date on your filter, you can monitor that your filter does not collect too much dust and dirt by not being changed often enough.

Do you have pets or do you smoke? Do you have many occupants living in your home? Are you home all day, or are you away most of the day?

Slightly dirty air filters purify the air better than brand new air filters. The more material (dirt) on the air filter, the better it is able to filter the air. Of course, this is only applicable as long as the amount of dirt doesn’t restrict the air flow in your HVAC system. Generally speaking, you should check your air filter six week. But don’t rush to change the filter, make sure it is time to swap it out!

If you are gone all day, you may not need to change the filter before 2-3 months, however, if you smoke, have pets, and keep your system running all day, you may need to change your filter every month. We like to use a six week time frame as a healthy balance. If you have any questions, call your management office and they will help you determine when you should be replacing your filter, as well as how to replace your filter.

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